The Concept car

The concept version of the Crossblade was when launched at the Geneva Motorshow taken as smarts attempt to produce another ground breaking car that would change the way cars are designed, the way we use a car and that car companies can take a little bit of a risk with their products and it pay off. The design of the Crossblade was smarts way to produce an extreme but also minimalistic version of the ever popular smart car to produce what is very close to the Lotus super 7, lotus used this concept to develop the 340R which is basically a very extreme version of the very popular and fun Elise. Smart like to make production versions of there cars that are very close to there concept counter parts, this is shown in there use of parts from across there range of vehicles including headlights, brake lights, clocks, switch gear etc. Not many car companies have the guts to build what they show, but smart seem to enjoy pushing the boundaries of design and going against what every other company would never produce.

The Production Car

From the initial feedback from the concept smart went back to its Hambach base to see how they could possibly make the car and intern made a car that was extremely impressive and close to what the initial concept was, to produce an extreme version of the smart city coupe that was as much fun to drive as it was to look at. Very little has been changed on the car since the concept version was produced. Cost cutting manoeuvres have been made to the car so that anyone can buy it, this includes getting rid of some of the fancy specially made CNC aluminium machined external parts which are expensive to produce and so would increase the price of the car which people are not likely to want to pay the extra for. Cost cutting has also been placed on the exhaust system rather than using the twin pipe system seen on the concept car they decided that this would be too expensive to fit on the production version of the car so they decided that the standard exhaust from the main stream car would be fine for the application. Also a change to the rear lights cut alot of costs as the need for new molds would have cost alot of money and so this was cut from the production car and replaced with the standard Cabrio rear lights. Also to be changed was the wheels which were extremely nice but deemed very expensive to produce so they decided that a design specially for the crossblade was needed so they slightly changed the wheels from a sharp edged 3 spoke wheel to a soft and rounded edged 6 spoke wheel which is just as effective as the 3 spoke wheels from the concept car. Apart from these few minor changes (which i am sure people will change about the car) the car is basically as it was from concept. Many of the 2000 cars promised for production have already been purchased by smart enthusiasts and car collectors around the world, which means this car is in great demand and very much liked by the public. The car has received many good reviews about the way it drives and the feeling you get when driving it. I believe that this car is a great move by smart to produce something so special and will lead to greater things for smart in the future and i am sure with the upcoming roadster/coupe launch coming very soon some of the elements from the crossblade will leak into this new cars DNA.

The Test Drive

On a bright and sunny spring morning, with a slight breeze in the air. You head for the impressive and imposing looking gloss black finished car, that looks extremely aggressive yet cute in style. Just looking at the car from the outside lets you know that this car is going to be alot of fun to drive! no doors, no roof, no windscreen! you pull the small lever to open the bar that allows easy entry which is gas strut assisted, climb in carefully trying not to bang your head on the bar. Get yourself comfortable on the waterproof finished bright red seats and familiarise yourself with the fantastic, easy to read smart controls. Carefully close the door bar with a rather imposing strong clunk. Adjust your seatbelt so that you're comfortable and careful turn the key to the 1 position, as you turn the key to position 2 for a split second, the engine fires up and you hear the purr of the smart 3 cylinder 599cc turbo charged engine, but without all the external bodywork cancelling out the sound of the normal car. Carefully do your jacket up as you know this could be a very breezy ride. Gently slide the gear-lever to the left into 1st gear. Slowly apply pressure to the throttle pedal and feels as the revs rise and the clutch starts to engage. As you pull away slow you feel even the smallest breeze making a large impact on your body, you can feel every breeze in the air, and anything that isnt tied down in the car should swiftly be held onto. Carefully apply more and more pressure to the throttle pedal as you start to pull away and gain more speed. lift slightly off the throttle at each gear change as you go up through the smart 6 speed sequential gearbox and hear the wastegate chatter away as the air is released from the turbo. As you start to get faster and faster and higher in the gears you can really feel the air hitting you, trying to pull you back as though you were a kite. Apply more and more throttle pressure and go even further up the smart gearbox and you start to feel as though you're travelling extremely fast, and you feel your face get a very big smile and contort as the air impacts on your face. Your eyes start to close up more and more as you feel your glasses start to create lift and begin to lift off your face. You decide that maybe its time to slow down, but you cant help but have a huge smile on your face from the huge buzz this car has given you, and be very glad it wasnt raining, as this could have been very cold! and would most certainly have hurt, but would still have been huge fun. The test drive comes to a close as you slow pull up to the showroom with a huge smile on your face and your hairstyle that has been designed by the wind, and all you want is more and you cant wait for the next chance you have to drive such an exhilerating car.





No. of cylinders/

Three in-line


Two per cylinder

Displacement (cm³)


Bore x stroke (mm)

63.5 x 63

Rated output (kW/hp)

40/55 at 5,250/min

Max. torque (Nm)

80 at 2,000-4,500/rpm
(Overboost: 88 at 2,500-4,000/rpm)

Compression ratio

9.5 : 1


Electr. multipoint injection, e-gas



Single dry plate clutch


Sequential automated
six-speed gearbox


Final drive 4.208 / 1.667
1st gear 14.203
2nd gear 10.310
3rd gear 7.407
4th gear 5.625
5th gear 4.083
6th gear 2.933
Reverse 12.888

Running gear

Front axle location

wishbone, damper strut

Front axle suspension


Rear axle location

axle DeDion suspension tube with
central mount, wishbone


Rear axle suspension

Coil springs, telescopic shock
absorbers, stabilizer

Braking system

Hydr. dual circuit system with vacuum booster, disk brakes at front, drum brakes at rear, electronic brake-power distribu-tion (EBD), ABS


Rack-and-pinion steering, steering damper

Wheels front/rear

6.5 J x 16 / 7 J x 16

Tires front/rear

195/40 R 16 / 215/35 R 16

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase (mm)


Track width front (mm)


Track width rear (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Turning circle(m)


Trunk capacity (l)


Weight without driver (kg)


Payload (kg)


Gross vehicle weight (kg)


Fuel tank capacity /
reserve (l)

33 / 5


Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec)

Maximum speed

135 km/h

Fuel consumption (l / 100 km)

Urban cycle

Extra urban cycle

Combined cycle

CO2 emissions (g/km)

Emission class


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Crossblade Production Car









Photos Courtesy of Smart Media Services